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2015 SOLD 
Transactions Our Team Had The Pleasure Of Being A Part Of!


  E7190 Eagle Court~Reedsburg~1-8-15
446 Clark St~Reedsburg~1-16-15
1390 Wellington Drive~Reedsburg~1-16-15
E4637 Kingfisher Circle~Lake Redstone~1-19-15
E4478 W. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~1-26-15
301 State Road 33/58~La Valle~2-13-15
S2693 Golf Course Road~Reedsburg~2-13-15
549 N. Willow St~Reedsburg~2-27-15
Lots 13/14 Dutch Hollow Lake~2-27-15
Lot 24 Mourning Dove~Lake Redstone~2-27-15
130 Roecker St.~Loganville~3-2-15
S2843 Coon Bluff Rd~Reedsburg~3-12-15
E4558 County Road V~Reedsburg~3-13-15
E2259 Pine Cone Lane~Dutch Hollow Lake~3-26-15
Lot 25 Hidden Spring~Dutch Hollow Lake~3-27-15
E1984 Mller Road~Dutch Hollow Lake~4-10-15
S1253 E. Dutch Hollow Road~Dutch Hollow Lake~4-17-15
335 5th St.~Reedsburg~4-17-15
S1291 Sunset Ct.~Dutch Hollow Lake~4-17-15
S6292 State Road 154~Hillpoint~4-17-15
2324 Rufus Road~Reedsburg~4-22-15
1307 Amber Court~Reedsburg~4-24-15
Lot 34 Robin~Lake Redstone~4-24-15
S936 State Road 33~La Valle~4-27-15
E7180 Cayuse Trail~Reedsburg~5-1-15
1575 N. Dewey Avenue~Reedsburg~5-8-15
S1184 Town Hall Road~Lyndon Station~5-8-15
545 8th Street~Reedsburg~5-13-15
S1509 Canary Court~La Valle/Lake Redstone~5-15-15
1475 Pineview Drive~Reedsburg~5-15-15
653/655 Alexander Avenue~Reedsburg~5-15-15
36 Jaz Circle~Reedsburg~5-21-15
635 6th Street~Reedsburg~6-5-15
14 Barbara Ann Drive~Reedsburg~6-5-15
1025 19th Street~Reedsburg~6-5-15
S2571 County Road H~Reedsburg~6-8-15
E4188 Wren Court~Lake Redstone/La Valle~6-12-15
S1357 E. Redstone Drive~La Valle~6-19-15
Lot 2 CSM 5188~Lake Redstone~6-26-15
S3791 Grote Hill Road~Reedsburg~6-26-15
S6024 State Road 154~Hillpoint~6-26-15
1819 Jessica Lane~Reedsburg~6-26-15
E5743 County Road S~Reedsburg~6-26-15
351 Golf Course Road~Reedsburg~6-30-15
S4169 Whispering Pines~Baraboo~7-2-15
400 N. Walnut St.~Reedsburg~7-10-15
2011 N. Dewey Avenue~Reedsburg~7-17-15
S1365 E. Redstone Drive~La Valle~7-17-15
1310 Pineview Drive~Reedsburg~7-17-15
1320 Lancer Court~Reedsburg~7-17-15
1111 7th Street~Reedsburg~7-24-15
S744A W. Redstone Drive~La Valle~7-24-15
E2340 Cross Trail Drive~Dutch Hollow Lake/La Valle~7-27-15
2312 Sarah Rose Lane~Reedsburg~7-27-15
E2246 N. Dutch Hollow Road~La Valle~7-31-15
S1116 Wilke Road~La Valle~7-31-15
S2530 County Road H~Reedsburg~7-31-15
Lot 6 Mockingbird~Lake Redstone~7-31-15
1315 Lancer Court~Reedsburg~8-4-15
S1441 E. Redstone Drive~La Valle~8-4-15
1455 Wellington Drive~Reedsburg~8-5-15
319 E. Main St.~Cazenovia~8-7-15
940 Krystle Court~Reedsburg~8-14-15
E4820 Timmons Road~La Valle~8-20-15
E4387 W. Redstone Drive~La Valle~8-24-15
40 Jaz Circle~Reedsburg~8-27-15
S3200 Buckhorn Road~Reedsburg~8-27-15
202nd Street~Ironton~8-28-15
Lot 144 Black Forest~Dutch Hollow Lake~8-28-15
816 Iroquois Circle~Baraboo~9-1-15
2355 Winfield Drive~Reedsburg~9-2-15
2306 Reinhardt Court~Reedsburg~9-9-15
S811 Goldfinch Court~Lake Redstone/La Valle~9-16-15
738 N. Park St~Reedsburg~9-18-15
E2370 Alpine Lane~La Valle/Dutch Hollow Lake~9-23-15
S5767 County Road G~Hillpoint~9-25-15
313 State Road 33/58~La Valle~9-29-15
S831 Goldfinch Court~La Valle/Lake Redstone~9-30-15
E4366 Section 11 Road~La Valle~10-2-15
E2431 Black Forest Drive~La Valle/Dutch Hollow Lake~10-2-15
2436 Tanna Rain Circle~Reedsburg~10-2-15
E5186 Herritz Road~Reedsburg~10-6-15
S1116 W. Redstone Drive~La Valle~10-16-15
E4443 Loon Court~La Valle/Lake Redstone~10-16-15
S1262 W. Redstone Drive~La Valle~10-16-15
37 Acres/Aumock Road~Viroqua~10-23-15
W8170 Schneider Road~Elroy~10-16-15
295 East Street~Loganville~10-30-15
63 Me Me Lane~Reedsburg~10-30-15
W5549 Nemitz Road~La Valle~10-30-15
E2589 Henry Court~La Valle/Dutch Hollow Lake~11-2-15
110 Bluff Street~Cazenovia~11-3-15
S510 La Valle Road~La Valle~11-6-15
5 Acres~W.Redstone Drive~La Valle~11-23-15
Lot 10 Loon~Lake Redstone~11-23-15
Lot 9 Loon~Lake Redstone~11-23-15
600 Vine St~Reedsburg~11/24/15
Lot 933 Hidden Springs~Dutch Hollow Lake~11-25-15
E8693 County Road P~Wisconsin Dells~11-30-15
40 Acres Hirst Road~Reedsburg~12-4-15
Lot 25 Bluebird~Lake Redstone~12-4-15
1211 Third St~Reedsburg~12-4-15
Lot 4 Catbird~Lake Redstone~12-15-15
Lot 5 Catbird~Lake Redstone~12-15-15
E4664 E. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~12-17-15
Land~Abelman Road~Reedsburg~12-17-15
E2340 Alpine Lane~Dutch Hollow Lake~12-18-15
412 Madison St.~La Valle~12-23-15
Lot 25 Falcon~Lake Redstone~12-28-15
72 Acres~Kosch Road~Reedsbyrg~12-31-15