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The JulieSells Team~~Lists AND  Sells!

2014 SOLD 
Transactions Our Team Had The Pleasure Of Being A Part Of!


  64 Acres~Wilkinson Road~Town of La Valle~1-3-14
S1154 W. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~1-10-14
535 Laurel Street~Reedsburg~2-7-14
5 Acres~La Valle Road~La Valle~2-7-14
S3913 Thieman Hill Road~Reedsburg~2-28-14
26 Harrison Lane~Reedsburg~3-3-14
E4483 Pearson Road~La Valle~3-14-14
516 5th Street~Baraboo~3-21-14
E5801 Churchill Road~Reedsburg~3-24-14
522 Franklin Street~Reedsburg~3-24-14
48 Thomas Road~Reedsburg~3-27-14
1236 8th Street~Reedsburg~3-28-14
S3250A Buckhorn Rd~Reedsburg/Lake Buckhorn~4-1-14
Lot 251 Alpine~Dutch Hollow Lake~4-11-14
510 Myrtle St~Reedsburg~4-11-14
S810 W. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~4-11-14
Lot 27 Goldfinch~Lake Redstone~4-11-14
E3556 Jessop Road~La Valle~4-11-14
27 jaz Circle~Reedsburg~4-15-14
34.79 Acres~Lyndon Road~Dellona~4-18-14
Lot 59 Eagle~Lake Redstone~4-30-14
107 Main Street~Cazenovia~4-30-14
Lot 223 Alpine~Dutch Hollow Lake~5-16-14
547 N. Willow St.~Reedsburg~5-23-14
S3259 Buckhorn Road~Reedsburg~5-19-14
S1388 W. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~5-30-14
E4468 W. Redstone Drive~La Valle~5-23-14
Lot 61 Original~Lake Redstone~5-30-14
S1282 Colt Court~Dutch Hollow Lake~6-10-14
S1318B W. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~6-13-14
E7246 Schmidt Road~Rock Springs~6-18-14
S447 Warbler Court~Lake Redstone~6-20-14
2018 Eastridge Circle~Reedsburg~6-27-14
631 N. Park St.~Reedsburg~6-30-14
S473 Warbler Court~Lake Redstone~7-3-14
2245 Sunset Drive~Reedsburg~7-7-14
E4744 E. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~7-10-14
Lot 13 Kingfisher~Lake Redstone~7-11-14
E4736 E. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~7-18-14
2063 Fawn Valley Drive~Reedsburg~7-17-14
E4636 Eagle Court~Lake Redstone~7-21-14
1138 14th Street~Reedsburg~7-21-14
S465 Warbler Court~Lake Redstone~7-25-14
305 Madison St~La Valle~7-25-14
Lot 23 Mockingbird~Lake Redstsone~7-25-14
E3804A Cemetery Rd~La Valle~7-31-14
513 La Valle St~Reedsburg~8-1-14
S3181 Lake Virginia Street~Reedsburg~8-8-14
215 8th St~Reedsburg~8-11-14
506 Franklin St~La Valle~8-15-14
704 Eastridge Dr~Reedsburg~8-18-14
S2925 Fairway Drive~Reedsburg~8-29-14
S1721 Blue Ridge Dr~Dutch Hollow Lake~9-15-14
310 K Street~Reedsburg~9-11-14
Lot 12 Meadowlark~Lake Redstone~9-18-14
E9720 Fawn Ridge Drive~Baraboo~9-18-14
432 N. Park St~Reedsburg~9-19-14
S1298 W. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~9-22-14
111 2nd St~Ironton~9-23-14
S1427 E. Redstone Drive~La Valle~9-26-14
S1231  Remington Drive~Dutch Hollow Lake~9-26-14
325 Laurel St~Reedsburg~10-30-14
E4246 Catbird Court~Lake Redstone~10-3-14
255 4th St.~Reedsburg~10-7-14
S1294 W. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~10-8-14
S1031 Bunting Court~Lake Redstone~10-10-14
1015 Roloff Drive~Reedsburg~10-17-14
Lot 33 Mockingbird~Lake Redstone~10-17-14
121 Thomas Road~Reedsburg~10-17-14
124 Cunningham Ridge Rd~Cazenovia~10-17-14
1230 Hemlock Drive~Reedsburg~10-17-14
823 Elizabeth St~Baraboo~10-24-14
2008 Fawn Valley Drive~Reedsburg~10-28-14
Lot 240 Alpine~Dutch Hollow Lake~10-27-14
S4211 Hackbarth Rd~Reedsburg~10-31-14
1315 Lancer Court~Reedsburg~10-31-14
E6484 Ski Hill Road~Reedsburg~11-13-14
149 N. Albert Ave~Reedsburg~11-28-14
212 N. Main St.~Lime Ridge~12-2-14
S1253 Summit Point Drive~Dutch Hollow Lake~12-5-14
320 Mill St~Ironton~12-5-14
E18836 Havlik Road~Wonewoc~12-12-14
E4011 County Road F~La Valle~12-19-14
Lot 1014 Blue Ridge~Dutch Hollow Lake~12-19-14
474 Eastridge Dr~Reedsburg~12-23-14
S1225 W. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~12-30-14