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The JulieSells Team~~Lists AND  Sells!

2013 SOLD 
Transactions Our Team Had The Pleasure Of Being A Part Of!


2140 Sunset Drive~Reedsburg~1-4-13
936 Joseph Circle~Reedsburg~1-9-13
S3259 Buckhorn Road~Reedsburg~1-25-13
E2533 Hague Court~Dutch Hollow Lake~1-30-13
905 Exhibit Circle~Reedsburg~2-15-13
S3120 W. Lake Virginia Rd~Reedsburg~2-15-13
S733 E. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~3-1-13
S1494 Sac Court~Lake Redstone~3-8-13
105 Main St~Loganville~3-15-13
1420 Gavin Court~Reedsburg~4-19-13
Lot 3 Martin~Lake Redstone~4-26-13
S440 W. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~4-29-13
324 N. Pine St~Reedsburg~5-13-13
E5627 Farber Road~Reedsburg~5-15-13
818 Carousel Ct~Reedsburg~5-15-13
703 Mary Avenue~Reedsburg~5-15-13
E8080 E. Lake Virginia Road~Reedsburg~5-15-13
Lot 5 Tanager~Lake Redstone~5-17-13 
S1321A E. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~5-24-13
422 Midway Dr~Reedsburg~5-24-13
115 Roecker St~Loganville~5-31-13
S1102A E. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~6-3-13
S1342A W. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~6-5-13
1210 Woodbridge Court~Reedsburg~6-7-13
S1332 W. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~6-7-13
E7824 Lake Virginia Terrace~Reedsburg/Lake Virginia~6-7-13
1015 Amanda Drive~Reedsburg~6-12-13
Lot 48 Goldfinch~Lake Redstone~6-14-13
422 Viking View Drive~Reedsburg~6-21-13
E4386 W. Redstone Drive~6-21-13
2002 Fawn Valley Court~Reedsburg~6-28-13
S1092 Rotterdam Drive~Dutch Hollow Lake~6-28-13
812 Zachery Circle~Reedsburg~7-15-13
519 Clark St~Reedsburg~7-15-13
200 E. Main St.~La Valle~7-15-13
1220 Woodbridge Court~Reedsburg~7-19-13
E3892 Sugar Maple Road~Hillpoint~7-19-13
S876 W. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~7-24-13
N908 Pekala Road~Mauston~7-29-13
S534 Cheyenne Court~Lake Redstone~8-1-13
W5801 Nemitz Rd~Mauston~8-1-13
Lot 546 Netherlands~Dutch Hollow Lake~8-9-13
247 N. Park St~Reedsburg~8-9-13
209 Thomas Road~Reedsburg~8-12-13
314 5th Ave~Baraboo~8-20-13
141 Wright St~Lyndon Station~8-23-13
S1018 W. Redstone Drive~8-23-13
S1244A W. Redstone Drive~8-23-13
E4315A Thomas Road~Reedsburg~8-23-13
S1257 Cardinal Court~Lake Redstone~8-23-13
560 Viking View Drive~Reedsburg~8-26-13
S855 Dolata Court~Lake Redstone~8-28-13
16 Barbara Ann Drive~Reedsburg~8-30-13
437 Derby Row~Reedsburg~8-30-13
Lots 21, 22, 23 Meadowlark~Lake Redstone~8-30-13
E4437 St. Paul Road~Lake Redstone~9-6-13
1575 N. Dewey Ave~Reedsburg~9-12-13
S2301 Chatten Road~Wonewoc~9-13-13
21004 Kulosa Lane~Cazenovia~9-13-13
S922 Netherlands~Dutch Hollow Lake~9-16-13
2.19 Acres~La Valle~9-30-13
422 W. Walnut St.~Baraboo~9-30-13
S1469 Navaho Court~Lake Redstone~10-4-13
S457 Warbler Court~Lake Redstone~10-4-13
E4351 Douglas Road~La Valle~10-8-13
S757 Whippoorwill Court~Lake Redstone~10-9-13
44 Barbara Ann~Reedsburg~10-11-13
S1551 Fox Court~La Valle~10-11-13
S3188B Golf Course Road~Reedsburg~10-16-13
S1402 Summit Point Drive~Dutch Hollow~10-18-13
S3947A LaRue Road~La Valle~10-25-13
1911 Amanda Drive~Reedsburg~10-25-13
Lot 2 Warbler~Lake Redstone~10-25-13
Lot 8 Robin~Lake Redstone~11-1-13
S2696 County Road V~Reedsburg~11-6-13
E4644 E. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~11-22-13
E10091 Buckhorn Road~Reedsburg~11-27-13
104 E. North St~La Valle~11-29-13
E2402 Black Forest Drive~Dutch Hollow ~ 12-4-13
S1465 McKinney Road~La Valle~12-4-13
343 Golf Course Road~Reedsburg~12-4-13
E3607 Wilkinson Road~La Valle~12-6-13
Lot 216~Lake Redstone~12-13-13



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