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The JulieSells Team~~Lists AND  Sells!

2012 SOLD 
Transactions Our Team Had The Pleasure Of Being A Part Of!


E7030 Labansky Rd~Reedsburg~1-6-12

501 N. Park St.~Reedsburg~1-6-12

526 Midway Dr.~Reedsburg~1-13-12

17 Barbara Ann Dr.~Reedsburg~1-31-12

S858 State Rd 33~La Valle~2-10-12

115 Main St.~Loganville~2-10-12

Lot 837 Remington/Dutch Hollow Lake~2-10-12

S739 Pueblo Court~Lake Redstone~2-24-12

E9720 Fawn Ridge~Baraboo~2-24-12

712 East Main St.~Reedsburg~2-27-12

E7808 Beth Rd~Reedsburg~3-30-12

435 La Valle St.~Reedsburg~3-30-12

S629 E. Redstone Dr.~Lake Redstone~4-6-12

45 Jaz Circle~Reedsburg~4-9-12

50 Acres~Hwy 23~Town of Reedsburg~4-10-12

Lot 15 Bunting~Lake Redstone~4-13-12

Lots 15 & 16, Block 8~Ironton~4-16-12

S3185 W. Lake Virginia Rd~Lake Virginia~4-19-12

325 W. Second St.~Reedsburg~4-20-12

2223 Doris Road~Reedsburg~5-7-12

S941 E. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~5-15-12

E9051 Hogsback Rd~Baraboo~5-18-12

534 Ellinwood Ave~Reedsburg~5-18-12

S855 Dolata Court~Lake Redstone~5-24-12

836-838 Clark St~Reedsburg~5-31-12

830-832 Clark St~Reedsburg~5-31-12

13 Acres/Hwy 58N~La Valle~6-11-12

S3240A State Road 136~Reedsburg~6-11-12

E4542 W. Redstone Dr~Lake Redstone~6-18-12

E2392 Black Forest Drive~Dutch Hollow Lake~6-29-12

E8445 N. Reedsburg Road~Reedsburg~7-13-12

11.28 Acres~Reedsburg Road~Reedsburg~7-13-12

1047 8th St~Reedsburg~7-13-12

521 South Preston~Reedsburg~7-19-12

501 W. Main St.~Reedsburg~7-18-12

1817 Huntington Park Drive~Reedsburg~7-16-12

Lot 6 Meadowlark~Lake Redstone~7-31-12

2 Barbara Ann Drive~Reedsburg~8-3-12

S1369 E. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~8-10-12

Lot 39 Kingfisher~Lake Redstone~8-17-12

S701 E. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~8-20-12

S1338 Remington Court~Dutch Hollow Lake~8-24-12

S1490 W. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~8-24-12

1947 Amanda Drive~Reedsburg~8-27-12

1011 8th Street~Reedsburg~8-31-12

2729 Country Court Drive~Reedsburg~8-31-12

W5700 Nemitz Rd~La Valle~9-10-12

32.5 Acres~Nemitz Rd~La Valle~9-21-12

S711 E. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~9-21-12

Lot 41 Chickadee~Lake Redstone~10-26-12

E4627 Jay Court~Lake Redstone~10-26-12

S1251 Sunset Court~Dutch Hollow lake~11-1-12

S424 Crow Court~Lake Redstone~11-5-12

S1108 W. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~11-8-12

E4333 W. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~11-19-12

E4340 W. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~11-19-12

19 Acres Douglas Rd~La Valle~12-20-12