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2011 SOLD 
Transactions Our Team Had The Pleasure Of Being A Part Of!


E9931 Shady Lane Rd~Reedsburg~2-4-11

Lot 1 CSM 5699, Formerly Lots 18 & 19 Bunting~Lake Redstone~2-4-11

621 N. Park St.~Reedsburg~2-17-11

S639 Whippoorwill Ct~Lake Redstone~2-22-11

E5068 Old La Valle Rd~Reedsburg~2-25-11

518 4th St.~Reedsburg~3-31-11

1020 Pine Grove Drive~Reedsburg~4-4-11

S506 W. Redstone Dr~Lake Redstone~4-8-11

S1284 W. Redstone Dr~Lake Redstone~4-8-11

280 5th St~Ironton~4-8-11

741 N. Park St.~Reedsburg~4-29-11

E4718 Arapaho Ct~Lake Redstone~4-29-11

E4121 Miami Ct~Lake Redstone~5-10-11

S670 W. Redstone Dr~Lake Redstone~5-13-11

Lot 559 Netherlands~Dutch Hollow Lake~5-27-11

E4689 Winnebago Court~Lake Redstone~5-27-11

439 S. Park St.~Reedsburg~5-27-11

E4991 County Road K~Reedsburg~6-8-11

Lot 36 Chickadee~Lake Redstone~6-13-11

317 Union Street~La Valle~6-24-11

201 N. Grove St.~Reedsburg~6-29-11

625 Vine Street~Reedsburg~6-30-11

Lot 45 Chickadee~Lake Redstone~7-15-11

Lot 3 Pheasant~Lake Redstone~7-14-11

E2702 Green Knoll Drive~Dutch Hollow Lake~7-15-11

234 N. Grove St.~Reedsburg~7-22-11

2067 Fawn Valley Court~Reedsburg~7-22-11

S445 Warbler Court~Lake Redstone~7-22-11

S1713 Blue Ridge Drive~Dutch Hollow Lake~7-29-11

107 E. Broadway~Rock Springs~8-5-11

2061 Fawn Valley Court~Reedsburg~8-8-11

Lot 11 Owl~Lake Redstone~8-15-11

301 N. Willow St.~Reedsburg~8-29-11

S1098B W. Redstone Dr.~Lake Redstone~8-30-11

S1244 W. Redstone Dr~Lake Redstone~8-31-11

1579 N. Dewey Ave.~Reedsburg~9-2-11

Lot 21 Chickadee~Lake Redstone~9-9-11

S1162 Mound Court~Dutch Hollow Lake~9-9-11

704 Eastridge Dr.~Reedsburg~9-9-11

S620 Cheyenne Court~Lake Redstone~9-12-11

E1475 Owens Drive~La Valle~9-15-11

E2672 Remington Drive~Dutch Hollow Lake~9-15-11

211 La Valle St.~La Valle~9-16-11

S621 Whippoorwill Court~Lake Redstone~9-16-11

S1352 W. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~9-16-11

41 Acres/Kulosa Lane~Cazenovia~10-3-11

E7171 E. Reedsburg Road~Reedsburg~10-7-11

155 Walnut Stl~Loganville~10-7-11

E5539 County Road S~Reedsburg~10-28-11

E5724 Old Town Hall Rd~Reedsburg~10-28-11

20 Acres, Hwy V & Old Town Hall Rd~11-8-11

341 Golf Course Road~Reedsburg~11-11-11

E4729 E. Redstone Drive~Reedsburg~11-11-11

2313 Doris Road~Reedsburg~12-9-11

S871 Bob-O-Link Court~Lake Redstone~12-9-11

751 West Street~Ironton~12-9-11

S1137 E. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~12-15-11

527 Ellinwood Avenue~Reedsburg~12-30-11