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The JulieSells Team~~Lists AND  Sells!

2010 SOLD 
Transactions Our Team Had The Pleasure Of Being A Part Of!


108 Main Street~Elroy~1-8-10

1193 Maple Street~Reedsburg~1-15-10

25.83 Acres~Hwy F~La Valle~1-22-10

Lot 492 Summit~Dutch Hollow Lake~1-22-10

810 Mary Avenue~Reedsburg~2-5-09

N2286 Burns Rd~Mauston~2-8-10

2377 Doris Rd~Reedsburg~2-19-10

733 Eastridge Dr~Reedsburg~2-19-10

Lot 957 Hidden Spring~Dutch Hollow Lake~2-26-10

247 Hills Crest~Reedsburg~2-26-10

Lot 11 Wren~Lake Redstone~3-5-10

321 N. Walnut St.~Reedsburg~3-15-10

1115 Birch St.~Baraboo~3-15-10

320 Mill St.~Ironton~3-31-10

Lot 25 Bluebird~Lake Redstone~4-5-10

910 22nd St.~Reedsburg~4-29-10

749 N. Walnut St.~Reedsburg~4-30-10

510 Franklin St.~Reedsburg~4-30-10

W8501 Nemitz Rd~Mauston~4-30-10

S1595 E. Dutch Hollow Rd~Dutch Hollow Lake~5-7-10

E4633 Eagle Court~Lake Redstone~5-7-10

Lot 33 Bluebird~Lake Redstone~5-14-10

433 Myrtle St.~Reedsburg~5-21-10

S1132 W. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~5-28-10

S3028 Aults Rd~Reedsburg~5-28-10

S1397 E. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~6-3-10

432 N. Park Street~Reedsburg~6-11-10

306 Mary Avenue~Reedsburg~6-14-10

27984 Snow Valley Rd~Richland Center~6-18-10

Hwy I Acreage~Juneau County~6-25-10

S1399 W. Dutch Hollow Rd~Dutch Hollow lake~6-25-10

1000 22nd St.~Reedsburg~6-29-10

20 Acres~Patrick Rd/Juneau County~7-1-10

507 W. Main St.~Reedsburg~7-15-10

Lot 646 Rhine~Dutch Hollow Lake~7-16-10

2301 Doris Rd~Reedsburg~7-27-10

146 S. Albert Ave~Reedsburg~7-29-10

S1717 Blue Ridge Dr~Dutch Hollow Lake~8-20-10

S496 W. Redstone Dr.~Lake Redstone~8-20-10

E4808 E. Redstone Dr.~Lake Redstone~8-27-10

S1183 Vista Court~Dutch Hollow Lake~9-2-10

S883 E. Redstone Dr.~Lake Redstone~9-3-10

S473 Warbler Court~Lake Redstone~9-9-10

E4540 W. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~9-10-10

1405 Lancer Court~Reedsburg~9-10-10

S2498 Henderson Rd~Wonewoc~9-17-10

E16869 Kraemer Rd~Hillsboro~9-17-10

S1274 Cardinal Court~Lake Redstone~9-22-10

2200 Mabel Court~Reedsburg~10-6-10

S1430 W. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~10-12-10

E2480 Black Forest Drive~Dutch Hollow Lake~10-22-10

S3637 Schneider Rd~Reedsburg~10-25-10

1430 Amber Court~Reedsburg~10-25-10

Lot 922 Hidden Springs~Dutch Hollow Lake~10-27-10

S645 E. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~10-29-10

627 Field Ave~Hillsboro~11-5-10

S508A Warbler Court~Lake Redstone~11-19-10

S1269 Remington Drive~Dutch Hollow Lake~11-19-10

549 Franklin St.~Reedsburg~12-6-10

S1012 W. Redstone Dr~Lake Redstone~12-20-10

E4360B W. Redstone Dr.~Lake Redstone~12-23-10

S212 State Road 33~Wonewoc~12-29-10

S1260 E. Redstone Dr.~Lake Redstone~12-30-10

N1506 Fox Road~Wonewoc~12-30-10