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2009 SOLD 
Transactions Our Team Had The Pleasure Of Being A Part Of!


S1251 Cardinal Court~Lake Redstone~1-30-09

621 N. Park St.~Reedsburg~2-4-09

402 Alexander Ave~Reedsburg~2-6-09

E4842 E. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~2-20-09

2325 Doris Rd~Reedsburg~2-20-09

112 Thomas Rd~Reedsburg~2-27-09

1020 Plum St~Reedsburg~3-20-09

S633 E. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~4-3-09

S1157 Rhine Drive~Dutch Hollow Lake~4-24-09

2308 Rufus Rd~Reedsburg~5-1-09

Lot 58 Wren~Lake Redstone~5-4-09

S1430 W. Redstone Dr.~Lake Redstone~5-20-09

E2533 Rotterdam Ct~Dutch Hollow Lake~5-21-09

S628 Whippoorwill Court~Lake Redstone~5-29-09

Lots 56 & 57 Bunting~Lake Redstone~6-12-09

S74 W. Redstone Drive~Lake Redstone~6-12-09

S1301 Colt Court~Dutch Hollow Lake~6-15-09

2325 Winfield Drive~Reedsburg~6-26-09

2346 Reinhardt Court~Reedsburg~6-26-09

422 Midway~Reedsburg~7-10-09

S1079 Rotterdam Dr~Dutch Hollow Lake~7-14-09

E6875 Fawn Valley Drive~Reedsburg~7-17-09

227 Barbara Ann Drive~Reedsburg~7-17-09

Lot 33 Falcon~Lake Redstone~7-21-09

132 Ellinwood Ave~Reedsburg~7-24-09

S1245 Summit Point Dr~Dutch Hollow Lake~8-7-09

S1522 Hidden Springs Court~Dutch Hollow Lake~8-13-09

N1720 State Rd 80/82~Elroy~8-13-09

E2407 Windmill Ct~Dutch Hollow Lake~8-14-09

S1349 Staghorn Dr~Dutch Hollow Lake~8-14-09

527 4th Street~Reedsburg~8-28-09

744 Seymour St~Reedsburg~8-28-09

S2793 County Rd G~La Valle~8-28-09

S644 W. Redstone Dr.~Lake Redstone~8-28-09

Lot 223 Alpine~Dutch Hollow Lake~9-4-09

Lots 10/11 Pheasant Court~Lake Redstone~9-18-09

240 Mill St.~Ironton~9-30-09

626 La Valle St.~Reedsburg~9-30-09

E5294 Ohio Road~Loganville~10-15-09

509 S. Park St.~Reedsburg~10-15-09

203 S. Willow St.~Reedsburg~10-22-09

E4655 Jay Court~Lake Redstone~10-30-09

4 Acres~Cazenovia~10-30-09

1502 Harvest Lane~11-24-09

Vacant Land~Hwy S~Reedsburg~11-27-09

E2591 Amsterdam Court~La Valle~11-30-09

110 Pine St.~La Valle~12-1-09

S857 Dolata Ct~Lake Redstone~12-4-09

44 Barbara Ann Drive~Reedsburg~12-7-09

E2399 Windmill Ct~Dutch Hollow Lake~12-11-09

Lot 1137 Amsterdam~Dutch Hollow Lake~12-22-09