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Julie's SMOOTH SALE Program

Wouldn't you like a smooth transaction? No wrinkles, no problems right before closing? Well, this is the program for you.  What does my SMOOTH SALE PROGRAM entail?

  The seller (that's you) has their home pre-inspected.  This includes a Home Inspection, and in rural areas, a Well/Water/Septic Inspection.

The cost varies for these, but you should plan on paying approximately $200-$225 For the home inspection, and if you need a well/water/septic inspection, plan on $300-$500.

The Benefits To YOU

Home inspections are one of the items that cause the most problems in the sale of homes.  Because many times these inspections come late into the contract, problems are discovered, and not a lot of time is left to make decisions or to have things repaired.  In the long run, they will save you much more than the $$ it cost to have the inspections done.

  • You know if there is a problem BEFORE you enter in a contract with  a buyer who is probably going to get these inspections and will find out about the problems later.

  • You will have the problems fixed BEFORE you enter into a contract, which saves a lot of stress for you and the potential buyer.

  • You will be able to give an inspection report to a potential buyer, which shows them that you care about the property, and are willing to make sure everything is up to 'snuff' for them.

  • Your property will be advertised as one of my SMOOTH SALE Properties.  This will tell buyers, that you have had your property pre-inspected, and that it's ready to GO!

  • You will receive better offers because the buyer knows the condition of the home, there is no guessing.

  • You will be able to close quicker (in most cases) because the repairs will have been made, or the buyer has been made aware of problems, so there will not be any delays because of the need for inspections or repairs late into the contract.

Some buyers will take your report, some will want to have their own inspector look at the report, and others will want their own inspection done altogether, nevertheless, my SMOOTH SALE program will save you time, money and stress.

Give me a Call if you'd like your home to be in my SMOOTH SALE Listings!

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